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Customs Terms

Boned warehouse – it is made within the space of the economic agent or of the broker in the customs.

Trust – temporarily exemption of duty with guarantee of the customs rights

Control of documents – verification of documents that accompany the commodities

Physical control – verification of commodities presented at the customs clearance.

Quota – allows the import or export of a certain quantity of goods, of a certain value, on a certain limited period of time.

Storing – is made at the broker’s warehouse in the customs

Temporarily exemption of duty – is granted until the end of the customs clearance operations.

Re-transit – customs operation which allows the taking out of the country of the commodities that do not observe the customs clearance conditions.

Favorable conditions – customs conditions which may be granted under certain conditions for certain economic agents under the legal conditions for example (humanitarian help according to, OG.59/2003 art. 69 lit. a,b,c,d,e.)

Sealing, unsealing, resealing - ensemble of operations by which the commodity compartments are opened/closed.

Customs surveillance – all operations effected by the customs authority in order to prevent the customs frauds.

Transshipment – moving the commodities from one transportation mean to another.

Transit – suspensive customs operation for the commodities that are in transit between two customs offices.

Preferential treatment – is applied between two signatory parties of a bilateral agreement.

Customs clearance at the residing address – the customs clearance at the residing address procedure at the residing address of the economic agent may be done also through a broker in the customs.